The Week that was

It's been a while since I checked in with my latest projects, so it's about time I update you!  These are the awesome brands I've been working with and photographing - it's been a busy week, so there's a ton to show you:


This is the 2nd shoot I've done for Kim - this was a follow up to gather up more imagery for her website launch.  I did a few lifestyle images of her beautiful jar candles, as well as product shots and lifestyle images for the other parts of her range: car diffusers / tea lights / diffusers / wax melts / massage candles.  
Where a product has an obvious link to a flower, fruit, scent etc, I quite like to create a visual link through the imagery.  For example the rose petal candles were shot with pretty pink roses, while the coconut was paired with a smashed up coconut.  These references allow the viewer / shopper to imagine the scent / smell / taste before they buy.


I was a sent a heap of beautiful fabrics to photography for a new business called Batik and Bags.  Having complete free reign on a product shoot is my ultimate: I get to experiment and try out new things.  I especially enjoy trying to figure out how the target market would interpret an image or what types of imagery would appeal to them.  It's not just about creating beautiful pictures, it's about communicating a story and encouraging shoppers to buy your client's products.  
It's at times like these when an addiction to buying props comes in really handy - I have pretty much any type of prop imaginable that might help me talk to the customer: in this case, a ladder, stool and pretty sewing supplies.


Who doesn't love to play with pretty body scrubs and lip balms?  Skincare is one of my favourite categories to work on because there are so many ways to showcase the product range.  You will notice my styling is quite minimal and pared back - I want the product to be the hero, while the props and elements in the shot are all supporting cast members. 


These are seriously cute travel pillows in the shape of sweet little ellies.  My daughter Charlotte made the perfect model and was paid in $2 lolly bags from our local dairy.  Using my home as a backdrop makes shooting pretty relaxed and informal.  I wait until I have the ideal light and shoot in one of 3 rooms depending on what look I want to achieve: Charlotte's room gets beautiful light and is a great space to shoot bedding, linens, children's toys and things.  The tv room has big floor to ceiling windows so while it makes shooting in the morning difficult when the sun is shining, it is a great spot to shoot in the afternoons or pretty much all day long on a cloudy day.  It's in this space that Ill do all of my flatlay work.  
I tend to do my food / drinks / tablescape shoots in the dining room: (1) because it's closest to the kitchen so is easy access to the stove top, pantry or crockery / cutlery cupboards, (2) it has beautiful light in the afternoons (which is when I'm generally in the mindset to shoot this type of product).  

Told you it's been a busy week!  There is another project that I've been shooting which Ive alluded to on my Instagram stories, but the official launch for that is at the end of March so I'll be able to show everything then!  It's a beautiful product offering though so definitely stick around for that.

This week, Im tucking into cocktails from Cocktail Collective and shooting their scrumptious cocktails in various concept shoots: from sophisticated cocktail parties to birthday bashes and garden parties.

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