How to Survive Digital Marketing in 2019


The only thing that is consistent about Digital Marketing & Social Media is its ability to change and update itself on a very regular basis. What worked yesterday no longer works today. What’s going to work tomorrow probably hasn’t occurred to anyone today. But when it’s the most cost-effective way for a small business to grow and thrive, you kind of suck it up and deal with the changes, right?

If social media isn’t in your skillset and you’re looking at 2019 as the year to build your business, you’ll probably have sweaty palms just reading this blog post. So I thought I’d step in to calm the nervous system with a bit of a mini guide on how to survive Social Media in 2019:

In a recent study, 70% of respondents said that they were more likely to buy via mobile, so it occurred to me that really honing your digital marketing offer via mobile should really be your key focus for the year ahead.

  • If you already have a website in place, optimise it for mobile viewing - your analytics will indicate what percentage of your website traffic is accessing your site via desktop vs mobile, but I can guarantee that it’s largely weighted towards the latter. If you are embarking on a new website look & feel, design it first for mobile and desktop second.

  • Facebook might fetch you lower engagement than Instagram, but your analytics on your site might actually reveal a whole different story: if done right, it will drive the bulk of your website traffic. How? Include paragraphs in your captions so that they are easier to read, include a website link in your copy, forget hashtags (they don’t work like they do on Instagram so don’t waste your time), include beautiful imagery and keep your profile and tabs updated.

  • Get comfy with Instagram. Find out what segment of your target market is on Insta and tailor your content for them. Do they act differently to the customers you have on FB? (probably). Are they attracted to different visuals? (most likely). Are they active at different times to the audience on FB? (maybe, maybe not - check out your analytics). With over 72% of people saying that they buy products they’ve seen on Instagram, upping your game on this platform will be the lifeline you never knew you needed.

  • SEO: 93% of online purchases began with a google search - so if you’re not focusing on your SEO, you’re not going to be a part of that search. Craft a kick ass description & headline, include relevant H1s and 2s, add alts to your images and you will be on the road to SEO awesomeness.

  • That said, you’ll need some pretty flash product photography to keep your Insta offer looking competitive. Low-res, blurry, dark images are a one-way ticket to unfollowsville, so stop messing around with it. You need hi-res, engaging images if you want to be a big player in your industry.

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