NEW! Product Photography Retainer



It's a monthly photography retainer. Simple. Nothing else - just the photographs.

With a healthy dose of customisation and flexibility built into it, after all, that's what business is all about these days...


If you're wanting fresh new imagery on a regular basis, this is the option for you.
It's designed to inject fresh new content into your social media, website, blog, newsletter (wherever!) on a monthly basis.


There are 3 tiers, depending on your needs:

8 images month (which tallies up to 2 images per week for blog, newsletter or social posts)
$200 invoiced monthly (GST Included) 
(That's a $40 saving on my normal per image rate)

12 Images (or 3 images per week for blog posts, newsletters and social)
$260 invoiced monthly (GST Included)
(That's a $100 saving on my normal per image rate)

16 images (or 4 images per week for blogs, newsletters and social)
$320 invoiced monthly (GST Included)
(That's a $160 saving on my normal per image rate)

And they can be of whatever you want!
Your recipes, your face, your products, team or services.

As with most things in life, there is a bit of fine print to discuss. But it's not heavy though - it makes for light reading…

Continued below…



  • I'll hold your stock for you on my side so that you don't need to keep sending me product every month

  • Because of the set up required, we need to commit to a minimum period of 3 months with each other 

  • Brief me on what big stuff you've got coming up the following month 2 weeks before the start of the month and I'll shoot your product to tie in with that 

  • We can get started at any point in the month! I just need 2 weeks from the date I receive the product to get your first batch of imagery to you.

  • If you'd like more images added to your monthly retainer on a once-off basis, it would just be an extra $17 per image (GST incl). 

  • If you'd like a retainer with more images than highlighted above - let's chat and customise a package for you!

  • Let me know 1 month in advance if you'd like to cancel the retainer (but let's be honest, you probably wont want to!)

  • Unused images can be carried over into the following month - but I'd need to cap it at a max of 20 images to shoot for you in a 1 month period

  • Any ingredients / props required for the shoot are not included in the pricing and are added to the relevant month’s invoice

Images shot & styled for The Ship Shape Shoppe