If you’re in business to sell products or services, you probably agonise over how to explain your biz to other people in a succinct sentence or two.

You might start off by explaining what you sell or the industry you’re in, but what if we told you that you’re coming at it from the wrong angle.

What if it’s not about the services or products you sell at all?

What if it isn’t about the industry either?

Distilling your business down to a commercial transaction is actually selling your offer short because it’s making it about YOU.

What you actually should be doing is making it about YOUR CUSTOMER.
✔️ What is the problem you’re solving?
✔️ How are you adding value?
✔️ How are you helping?

Positioning your business in this light takes it from “selling wine” to “bringing people together for connection and great conversation”

You’re not selling “wooden baby toys” but “kickstarting a love of learning and discovery through play”

It’s this approach that we use with our clients to ensure that the content we craft for them creates loyalty and engagement with their audience.

Your social media imagery and videos aren’t just pretty pictures - they provide the context for the solutions you provide

Your content, captions and copy are no longer about selling something but rather adding value and sharing useful anecdotes

Your ABOUT page isn’t a catalogue of your life and experiences but outlining why your potential customer is right where they need to be

Try this approach on for size and see how it shifts your audience’s interactions with you.

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Images shot & styled for Alice Berry Design