4 Ways to Style a Flat Lay

Get your free copy of my 4 WAYS TO STYLE A FLAT LAY handbook when you join the mailing list

Get your free copy of my 4 WAYS TO STYLE A FLAT LAY handbook when you join the mailing list

The flat lay is arguably one of the most popular forms of visual content on social media these days and it’s easy to see why: it works across a wide variety of product types, you don’t need much to make one work and it enables you to showcase a relatively large volume of products in one image. If done correctly, a flat lay can be a beautiful way to show off your business’ wares – done poorly and it’s likely to put your audience off.

For the September issue of the Shout & Co. handbook, I’ve compiled a super handy guide to help you avoid the latter: 4 ways to really nail a flat lay and take your visual content up a notch.  This is an especially handy guide as we shift into the Christmas period: thousands of brands (including the big guys with sizeable marketing budgets...) will be vying for your customer's money. Clever product positioning and imagery will ensure you stand out and keep ahead of the pack.

I'll run you through some of the key basics when it comes to product photography including lighting, props, your camera, backgrounds and prepping your products for the shoot.  

Then I go into detail around the 4 main flat lay formats:

  • The Grid

  • Organic Lifestyle

  • Text

  • Negative Space

I will also share with you some tips to help you along, like using placeholders in your text concepts and shooting your grid at an angle.

Keen to take your product photography up a notch and slay the marketplace this Christmas period?


If you put any of these tips into action, tag me @shoutandco – I’d love to see what magic you create!

And if you'd prefer to have me capture your beautiful products in a beautifully engaging and impactful way, then get in touch and let's get you some fresh new photography for your business