Social Media Tip of the Week: Instagram Algorithm Insights

Sheesh I haven't written up a blog post in so long, digital tumbleweeds are blowing through.  So I figured it was about time I scribbled some tips, ideas and information for you because at the end of the day I'm here to help you kick ass online.

So what am I yapping on about today?  Instagram insights.  These algorithm changes and updates are giving me a headache, so my research becomes your research.  Here are some of the latest tips that might help you nail it on Insta - direct from Insta itself.

The key things that Instagram is looking at when it pushes your posts onto its users' newsfeeds are the following:

  • Recency

  • Interest

  • Relationship

  • Frequency

  • Following

  • Usage

Let's go through each one shall we?

Essentially, newer posts keep the home page looking nice and fresh, so more recent posts will get priority over older ones.  Ensure that you're posting when your audience is most active: your insights will tell you when this is.

Instagram basically pushes content to users' newsfeeds based on the types of content that they interact with.  So if someone likes a post about pugs, Insta will show them more pug posts: the newsfeed is basically being tailored to each particular user (scary and fascinating - all at the same time).  Make sure that your hashtag game is on point (get in touch if you need help with this) so that you are using INTEREST to your advantage.  

Instagram will prioritise your posts on those users' newsfeeds who you interact with the most.  So if you keep up your digital friendships and networks, those accounts will see your posts.  That's why it's always a good idea to set aside some time on a regular basis to interact with other accounts in a meaningful way.  Comment, like and share other's content and they will undoubtedly do the same in return.

Posting on a consistent and regular basis ensures that your posts are included in the fresh home feed.  Being absent for long periods of time or posting on an irregular basis won't help you.  Posting at least daily if not 4 or 5 times a week will keep you relevant.

Always interact with the people commenting and engaging with your posts. Keep the conversation going in a meaningful way.

Make use of the features that Instagram provides to keep it interesting for your following.  In return, they'll reward you with engagement (ultimately improving your reach and impressions).

What metric have you found most works for you and growing your following?

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Images shot & styled by Shout & Co. for GO ASK ALICE