Services Round Up

There are a lot of new faces following me since the last time I did a SERVICES ROUND UP post.  So I thought I'd recap, a little differently this time - just to show the new folks in the back what's what. 

So let's get down to it.  I offer 3 services:

(1) Product Styling & Photography
(2) Food Styling & Photography
(3) Digital Content Creation

Say whaaat?  I delve a little deeper here, so strap yourselves in.

This is my key focus: you send me your products, I style them up real pretty and take pictures of them.  I can do a range of visuals for you: simple product shots (for e.g. a product on a white background etc) - basically, pictures you might need to use in your online store.  I can do lifestyle images showing the product being used, inspiring customers to shop your range.  You put the images up on social media, your website, blog or online store and everybody's happy.
The images above represent this simple product photography: they make clear cuts easier to get, they are ideal for websites and online stores and they very simply (but elegantly) show the viewer exactly what they can expect to get from your product.  

Pretty much like the one above, but this time it's with food.  You send me your product / ingredient(s) and I cook / bake them up, style them up real pretty and take pictures of them.  Then I eat it while you download the pictures from the Dropbox folder!

This uses the photography from the situations above and takes it a few steps further:  I can turn these images into content for your newsletters, social media, website, blog, online store - the list is endless.  I craft engaging copy, put it together with the beautiful images and you get to sit back with a glass of wine and high-five yourself for being so clever. 

Basically: if you sell something, send it to me and Ill make your customers want to buy it.  Many people in the industry are either stylists, or photographer or digital content creators.  I can combine all 3.

At this point, you might have a few questions:

Why is imagery of your products so important? 
They can make or break the sale for you - it might turn your customers off your brand altogether.  

How long does it take for this process to see itself through?
Depending on the number of images you need - it can take a few minutes to a few hours and days.  I then take a little bit of time to finish them off in Lightroom and pop them into the Dropbox folder for you to download, upload and share.

Why do you like doing this?
Because I get to work with a range of product and service types: from cheese and cocktails to towels and toothpaste.  I get to meet (digitally most times) some awesome people along the way too!

What experience do you have?
I've worked in Marketing, buying, trend forecasting and making (ceramics) for my entire adult life - I know: not only how to make a physical product, but I can identify the key trends in the industry, where customers are spending their money, how they want to be talked to and how to market the sh*t out of it.  I also happen to know my way around a DSLR.

But how do I know if I need a stylist and photographer?  Can't I just do it on my own?
You could - but it comes down to outsourcing.  Did we learn NOTHING from the Industrial Revolution?  It's important for brand and product owners to know that the images they put out into the marketplace of their product or range will either make or break a sale.  Having a beautiful product is great, but if it's shot in poor lighting or at an awkward angle, it could put prospective buyers off.  Having beautiful imagery of the offer will be the thing that converts a person from being a bystander to becoming a buyer.  
So my suggestion is: get a product stylist the moment you start working on your product offering:
- Starting a new business and need imagery for your Social Media / blog / website / online store
- Relaunching an existing business and want to appeal to a new market / customer
- Relaunching an existing product and needing updated images of the packaging / product / end use / etc
- Launching a new product or offer
- Expanding your current customer base
- Upping the game on your current product range: it's never too late to get beautiful images taken
- When you are doing a media send out and need impactful imagery to accompany your press release

So if you're in the market for pretty images and kick ass content - here are my details, let's chat:

Images shot for: 
L - R: Izzy & Jean, Seed + Soul, Izzy & Jean