5 Images for $135

Mondays.  Sucky.  But not so sucky when you get a cool deal from your favourite stylist & photographer (insert winking emoji here).

Until the end of May 2018, I am offering:

5 Images for $135

That's a 10% discount on my normal rate for 5 images.  

But don't think of it in money terms, think of it in investment terms:
- Investing in the overall aesthetic of your digital presence
- Investing in a fresh new facelift for your social media marketing
- Investing in exciting new imagery for your website or online store
- Investing in your business and its visual collateral

So that's a great deal, right?  But you may be wondering what the catch is.  The terms & conditions.  The sneaky fine print.

Well, folks - there aren't any sneaky things about it.  You just send me your product, I'll flick you my product brief for you to fill out so I can get a feel for your brand, I shoot your goodies and you get a dropbox folder full of beautiful imagery for you to use where needed!

- Offer expires 31st May 2018
- Shoots to take place in June 2018 and are scheduled in on a FIFO basis (that's FIRST IN, FIRST OUT for those of you who didn't pay attention in your accounting lectures...)
- 10 day turnaround between the day I receive your product and the date I make the final images available for download
- If couriering your product to me, please include a pre-paid courier bag inside the original package
- Any ingredients or props required for your particular shoot will be included in your invoice under "incidentals" - but any purchases will be highlighted to you for your approval beforehand
- You can choose any number of products to include in these 5 images: 1 product shot 5 ways, or even 10 products shot 5 ways
- Your choice of either plain product images or more styled lifestyle images, or a mixture of the 2
- Open to brands from around the world
- Not available to brands / businesses with projects in the Shout & CO. pipeline
- All the legal stuff is over here  

Keen to live your best digital life?  Get in touch and let's get your 5 images scheduled in: info@shoutandco.com