Services Spotlight: Social Media

Every week, I place a spotlight on one of the services that I offer - this week I wanted to focus in on the Social Media aspect of what I do.

I like to think that my service offering is quite comprehensive: not only do I style and photograph beautiful products, but I take it a step further and actually create content out of it.  

What do I mean by "create content"?  Well, I:

  • Write newsletters for clients

  • Craft engaging captions for social media content

  • Develop, research and tweak hashtag strategies: both for my business as well as the clients whose social media accounts I manage

  • Draft up blog posts for brand owners that want a little bit of word-smithing done to spruce up their launch, pitch or introduction

  • Brainstorm new and exciting ways for businesses to talk up their products with their audience

  • Manage digital campaigns and giveaways

  • Develop fun ways for my clients to cut through the clutter with Instagram takeovers, stories and highlights

The services I offer are comprehensive because they start right at the beginning (with product styling and photography), lead into the content creation process and finish off with regular evaluation and tweaking of the strategy.

I love what I do because every day is different.  Just this week I am:
- Writing up a weekly newsletter for a retainer client
- Creating social media posts, publishing them and responding to follower interaction
- Drafting up copy for the relaunch of a wholesale food retailer
- Photographing and editing imagery for a client: the images will form part of their upcoming social media posts
- Crafting blog posts for my own businesses, spanning social media tips, services spotlights, recipes and my weekly summary of the week that was

And I do all of this for $700 a month, all inclusive, per account.

If this sounds like something you need a bit of help with, time to build your empire while someone else takes care of the digital admin, get in touch: - I'd love to chat.

Images styled and photographed by Shout & CO. for Cocofuel