Your Social Media Tip for the Week

Pinterest is a key yet under-utilised tool when it comes to social media management.  If you rely on images to sell your product or tell a story of your offer, then you need to be using Pinterest. 

It is an incredibly powerful search engine (kind of like Google).  Taking your experiences using Pinterest helps to guide your business strategy on the platform.  How do you use it?  You probably log on, enter your search terms in the search bar at the top of the landing page and then scroll through the images to find what you're looking for.  That content has to come from somewhere, and it's coming from sources just like you: business owners, blog owners, photographers or creatives who upload their work with a link, tag or caption.  You need to be one of those people creating content because it could lead followers and audiences straight to your door. 

Use Pinterest to grow your business by doing the following:

  • Enable your blog or website to link with Pinterest. You will need to get your website verified to use on the platform but once that is done, it will allow not only users to pin content straight from your website, but will allow you to link the content you upload straight to the platform.

  • For every blog post you publish, have at least 1 - 3 pinnable images - i.e. visuals that would accompany a pin. Ensure that you are creating a clear content title and website reference so that when your followers' followers come across these images that have been pinned they can follow the pin back to you.

  • Your Pinterest name (i.e. the name people will see when they visit your profile or at the bottom of your pins) should include what you do and the product or service you provide. For example, mine says Shout & Co. / Product and Food Stylist & Digital Content Creator making it easy for people to see at a glance what it is that I do.

  • For the platform to really work for you, you need to be on Pinterest on a regular basis: try to pin every day, and where possible pin between 25 and 50 images in a session. Might sound like a lot, but just 10 minutes a day will get you there.

  • Have a board of your past projects / work / product at the TOP of your boards - this way when someone has a look at your profile, they can immediately see what you do (thanks to your profile name) and what you have done (in your "portfolio" board).

Want to know more?  Get in touch and let's chat, brainstorm and get Pinterest working for you and your business: