The week that was

To say it's been a busy week here at SHOUT & Co. HQ would be a massive understatement!  Between shooting cocktails, toothpaste and new recipes for the blog, I've been getting up to quite a lot!  These are the things that I've been focusing on.

I upload new stock photography to the shop every Monday - did you see our new images this week?


I got stuck into some cocktails over the weekend for Cocktail Collective which meant a heap of editing to do (which I love doing)!  We had a few concepts to get through as well as some glassware product shots.  Being on location is both thrilling and nerve-wracking because you never know what conditions (weather / lighting etc) you'll have to negotiate!  But this was a really good session.


The next project I got to work on was for Dentiste' - shooting toothpaste turned out to be unexpectedly fun!  I got to use my bathroom sink quite a lot during this shoot: it's flooded with light in the afternoons and creates the perfect backdrop for this particular product.  



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This week, I also launched my new PRODUCT STYLING HANDBOOK.  It's full of great tips for small business owners who want to up their game when it comes to their product styling but simply don't have the budget to invest in a professional stylist and photographer.  You'll get advice around lighting, props, backgrounds, the rule of thirds and negative space.  Simply sign up to receive the mailer and you'll get the link to download the handbook almost immediately!


You might have also noticed that I've started sharing some recipes on the JOURNAL - Because I work so much with food, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to share some of the recipes that I work through.  I've started the recipe series with a Chickpea Biryani  - I'm aiming to share a new recipe every week.  Let me know if you make any of them and what you thought!


If you have any projects coming up that you might need Product Styling / Food Styling / Content Creation for, get in touch!