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E-newsletters, mailers, email marketing - whatever you want to call it - have you included it as part of your marketing strategy?  If so, then take a read below - Im about to give you some tips on how to nail email marketing to ensure your newsletters get read by the people who matter the most: customers. 

An email address is a valuable piece of marketing real estate, provided it was handed over to you voluntarily of course.  But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.  Having permission to communicate directly with a potential client is powerful, but treat it with care: sending them mailers that don't interest them could not only lead to high unsubscribe rates, but turn them off your brand altogether.  

Here are my top 10 tips for nailing email marketing:

1 - Create a punchy, irresistible subject line, it's the first thing they'll see when your email pops up in their inbox.  

2 - Use emojis in your subject: studies have proven that subject lines that are accompanied by emojis enjoy a higher open rate.

3 - 90 / 10 rule: split your content between 90% educational and 10% promotional.  Don't waste an email trying to sell - talk to your customers, not at them.

4 - Include eye-catching imagery and videos.  People like to look at pretty pictures, so give it to them.  Video is a great way to generate engagement, so ensure you make use of this type of content.

5 - Create a clean, easy to navigate template: complicated and cluttered is a one-way ticket to UNSUBSCRIBE.

6 - Provide multiple opportunities for your audience to click through to your website: links throughout your copy and linked to your imagery will up your chances of getting a good click rate.

7 - Highlight a problem your customer might be experiencing and, in general terms, provide a brief overview of how you can help.  

8 - Give them something for free: a download, exclusive offer etc.

9 - Frequency: Don't clog up people's inboxes with mailers and newsletters - send them out when you have something valuable to say.

10 - Ask questions - give your readers an opportunity to interact directly with you.  

One of the services that I offer is to create engaging newsletters for clients - if you'd like to chat more about how I can help you with this, get in touch, I'd love to chat: