Your profile is the first that potential clients will look at when they consider working with you.  If it's a mess, chances are they'll be driven away.  A well presented, thought out and considered social media profile will undoubtedly impress your new clients or shoppers and make them eager to strike up a conversation with you.  Think of it as your passive income generator: if it looks good, people will want to work with or buy from you - simple as that.

I offer a social media diagnostic service: taking a good hard look at your profile and making it work harder for you.  Here are some of the things I look at:

Your bio needs to explain exactly what you do and offer, who your target market is and how to get in touch.  If these things are missing, your potential customers will never know how you can help solve a problem they're looking to fix.

If you're a service-based business, depending on what you do, consider having a picture of you as the account's profile picture.  Accountants, lawyers and business coaches for example can benefit from this approach.  More creative businesses like photographers, event planners and graphic designers could benefit from having an example of their work as their profile picture.

Make sure you let people know where you operate from - many times, potential clients will want to meet face to face before deciding which service provider to go with.  If you're a product-based business, let them know where you ship to, despite your physical location.

Consider the colour palette, hashtags and tone of voice of your posts.  It might also be worth creating a daily schedule of post themes to help guide the content you are pushing to your audience.  

Don't neglect your Stories and Highlights - they will be vital to maintaining your reach.  

I do a once off social media diagnostic on your profiles: for use $70, I go into your account, spruce it up, do some housekeeping to keep it looking clean and organised and get you going with your first few stories and highlights.  If you've already got some highlights going, the housekeeping will cover these too.

Get in touch today if you think you might need this service: info@shoutandco.com