The week that was

Wow.  What a week.  

Between the daily social media work I do for clients, newsletters that I create for them, shoots that I've been getting stuck into and content I've been crafting for other brand owners, this has been one. manic. week.  Hello Friday - you're a sight for my sore eyes.

Let's get straight into shall we  Here are the projects that I've been working on this past week:


Zahn from Seed + Soul got in touch for some product photography of her beautiful range of skincare - um. yes.  I'm always available for skincare products.  The task?  To photograph 8 products on a white background.  Seems easy enough right?  We'll, when a product is the sole element in a photograph, capturing it becomes quite a feat.  You don't have other items in the visual to help make the image work.  It is simply the product (and the lack of a background) that is on show.  So the focus needs to be on point.  The shadows need to be non-existent.  While light is required, there can't be a glare or shine.  The angle needs to be just right.  It isn't simply a 5 minute shoot - it can take as much time (especially in editing) as a lifestyle or flatlay.


The team over at Tea Total have just this week launched 3 new NZ blends: Capital Tea, Jaffa Black and Dunedin Dawn.  I had the great pleasure of putting some flatlays together, which now feature on their website.  To create the link between tea and city, I got some travel books from the library and used images of what each of these cities is known for.  For the Jaffa blend, I then used some Jaffa chocolates (which I hate but my daughter got stuck into...)  So if you're into teas - these are THEM.


Then I got a message from Trixie over at Swips needing fresh new imagery of her 2 beautiful flavours of frozen cocktails.  Um, where do I sign up?  Playing with cocktails, party scenes and a bride preparing for her big day were the visuals that I chose to create.  Who can resist the charm of a frozen cocktail that looks like a yummy popsicle?  


When I'm not taking photographs or making videos, I'm creating content for clients.  From weekly newsletters to daily social media posts - I'm becoming a swiss knife of marketing services if you will.  This week, I've had the added bonus of creating content for 2 new brand owners: copy for the launch of a new product offer and a blog post about food styling for a fellow social media business. So if you're needing help generating engaging content for your audience - get in touch.  


Did you know that Ive created a stock photography resource?  Every Monday I upload a whack of new images that are available to purchase: simply pay for the image you want and almost immediately you'll get sent a link to download the hi-res version.  Great for businesses that are wanting fresh new imagery for their social media or for websites that simply don't have the means to get commissioned images for their website / blog / online store etc.

And because I am constantly cooking and baking (and if not cooking and baking, then shopping for groceries to cook and bake), I thought that I would start sharing some of the recipes that I make so that you can follow along too.  My latest recipe are these super easy pancakes.   And if sweet things aren't your bag, give the Red Curry Noodles a go.

Did you see my latest social media tip of the day?  It's a goodie if you've ever wondered when was the ideal time to post to your online platforms.

So you see, I wasn't lying when I said this week was a busy one (but so grateful, thank you thank you thank you).  Next for me?  I have imagery to capture for a BEAUTIFUL range of towels and throws as well as more cocktails and their super clever packaging.

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