Posting Schedule

Time is money, so they say.  And when it comes to social media - this is definitely the case.  Posting at the wrong time could see your reach plummet, while posting at key times of the day and week will ensure your business gets noticed by potential customers.  Employing a strategy of sorts when it comes to your posting schedule will be instrumental to your social media activity.  

Social Media has become a key aspect of a modern marketing strategy - an essential focus particularly for small business owners who don't have money to invest in expensive advertising campaigns.  

Ideal time to post: 6:30am - 7:30am / 8pm
Many users will check their Instagram as soon as they wake up in the morning and then again after they've done the dinner / shower / kids routine.  Alternatively, check via your insights when your followers are most active and post during those blocks. 

Ideal time to post: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
People are winding down for the night and catching up on social media.  Not only is it important to post during these times, but to engage other users as well. 

Ideal time to post: 1pm - 4pm / 8pm - 8:45pm
Users tend to check Facebook when they have a spare moment at work and when they're winding down for the evening.  Try posting in each time slot and see what happens to your engagement.

Ideal time to post: Any time on a Saturday and Sunday
Weekends are undoubtedly the best time to be active on Pinterest (if you use this platform to grow your business that is).  This is when people are looking to be inspired, so make sure your posts are accompanied by amazing visuals and eye-catching graphics. 

Have a go at adjusting your schedule to the above timelines and see what happens to your engagement after a week.  Has it improved?  Let me know, Im keen to hear!

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