The power of Backgrounds

Have a look at the above images - what do you see?  

It's the same tea towel, same stack of cookies, same crumbles, same milk jar - same layout.  The only thing that changes is the background.

I wanted to represent the power and impact of a background using this very simple yet iconic food pairing.  It details beautifully how a choice in a background can totally change the look and feel of a product shot.  

In the first case, it has warm muted tones and soft textures: when I look at this image, I think about being at home as a kid on a warm summer morning - before the day really gets started.

In the 2nd image, Ive used all white backgrounds and a flood of light from the side.  To me, this invokes memories of seaside picnics and dips in the ocean.

In the final image, Ive used a dark wood table top and a black back board to create a more moody, dark feeling.  Now, the visions I have are from a totally different season (winter) and Im doing very different things (snuggling under a blanket with a fire glowing in the hearth).

The same food, props and camera angle but a vastly different experience for the viewer.  

A product stylist will choose their background carefully, considering the final image they want to produce and the feelings they want to drum up with the audience.  While all 3 images work, the final selection will come down to how you want the viewer to feel when looking at that image.  

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