The Week That Was

It's been a good week: clothing, skincare, bread, tablescapes - it's been a busy 7 days of photographing, styling and editing.  

Here is a recap of all the good stuff I've been getting into over here at Shout & Co. HQ:


Designing tablescapes and playing with fresh artisan bread are pretty much what a stylist's dreams are made of.  Moody dark food and lifestyle photography is quickly taking over and it evokes such a warm, cosy feeling.  It is an especially key styling look in the run up to winter, so prepare to see much more of it - here on Shout & Co. especially as we move into my favourite season.


I used my favourite aesthetic to drive this particular skincare shoot.  I received a batch of beautiful goodies from The Botanic Alchemist: Waterless Skincare.  The range's packaging is simple, minimalist and clean - such a pleasure to work with to really make a statement.  I used a predominantly white background, pared-back foliage and a bit of texture (Soft white curtains, wooden props and shadows).  


And now for a little something different!  I was sent a stack of clothes from the lovely Amanda at Lady Blue and it has been a pretty fun time playing with pretty dresses.  When I put an image together for a shoot especially where it will be used for content creation on a brand owner's social media pages, I always try to find the story that they could talk up.  In this case, I thought of 3 really great stories: (1) Putting an outfit together for a garden wedding just before the weather starts to cool down (2) showing off pretty detailing on tulip sleeves (3) packing: encouraging followers to not forget to pack their favourite Lady Blue pieces when going on holiday.

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