Behind the scenes

In my latest round of Instagram stories I asked what type of content you wanted to see more of and you were resounding with your feedback: BEHIND THE SCENES.  So you asked, I deliver.

So this is the image that I created.  I started with my Diana camera and set out to build a "travel" scene around it.  So I sourced a few travel-related props: the straw hat, the sarong, glasses and travel book - pieces that help to build the story.  Layering each item helps to guide you towards understanding how the finished image will look: do you have too many pieces?  Are they too close together?  Is one area looking a bit sparse?  


Texture is a key element in a flatlay, so Ive brought that through with the straw hat and succulent. I'm a huge fan of stripes so used the sarong to bring a bit of "drama" to this image.  

Movement is another term you'll hear bandied about.  Using props to channel your eye through the image adds interest for the viewer - this is where the sarong and camera strap come in handy.

In terms of lighting, I pull open my studio doors and use the natural light.  I prefer working with natural light to artificial.  It is possible to create a natural light effect with artificial lighting, however why mess around with it when nature provides the perfect conditions?  I shoot in the afternoon: that time just before sundown creates a beautiful soft light that just cannot be replicated in a studio.  This ideal shooting time is called the Golden Hour: right after sunrise and just before sundown.  

Shooting the finished piece means shooting it from a bunch of different angles.  I like to take a really wide shot of it and then crop it to how I want.  Shooting it too close limits the possibilities.


Here is how I layered the shot and put the pieces together:

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