Winning on facebook

Shout & Co. product styling for Seed + Soul

Shout & Co. product styling for Seed + Soul

you've probably heard countless people banging on about the changes to facebook's way of doing things (I'm not going to mention the "a" word because it's just so overused now).  but yes, there are changes happening to what you (and your customers) see on their fb newsfeeds.  but i won't go into that now... 

so in spite of what are you doing to stay relevant?  to keep being seen by the people who should be buying from you?  I've scribbled down a few ideas - tips if you will - on the things that will drive engagement for you and your business page.  they're quick, easy fixes so you can start today or the next post you publish.  

  • if you're a member of networking sites on Facebook, ensure that your business information is on your personal profile. there's still a LOT to be said for dealing with a human behind the brand and you'll find a lot of people you're interacting with on these networking sites will do a bit of a snooping around your personal profile to get to know you and your business a bit better (so while you're at it, clean up your profile images and cover photo too!)

  • Every post should be accompanied by an image (original content is always better - stock images are visible a mile away - hey! Shout & Co. can help you with that...): posts with photos get 39% more interaction than those without

  • Use concise captions: no one wants to read a book while they're scrolling through their feed. anywhere between 80 and 250 characters is ideal. Use the first sentence of your caption to hook the reader in - make it so tantalising that they want to keep reading more

  • Use emoticons and emojis in your posts: they fetch 33% more comments

  • Make sure you're posting on a Thursday and Friday: those days see 18% higher engagement than the other days of the week

  • Posing questions to your followers will see an exponential increase in your comments (thus organically boosting your post): your viewers want to be involved - talk to them, not at them

  • Respond to fb messages in your inbox within an hour, or at the very least, no more than 24 hours after you've received them.

  • A lot of research has been done on the ideal times to post to Facebook: you're better off posting between 1pm and 4pm than at other times

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