Digital Marketing Calendar

Planning your digital marketing activities for 2019, but not quite sure where to start?

Have a peek at a planning tool that I use with my clients to plan the year ahead and download a copy of it for yourself.

It starts off with a very high level approach to planning: what holidays & events are relevant to your brand in 2019? Each successive column then starts to drill down a little bit more specifically into the nuts and bolts of how you want to structure your digital marketing activities. It also takes into account what you did in the previous year that worked so you can look at ways of replicating it.

So if planning is not your thing, this calendar will help you streamline and collate all of your ideas into a single document that will become your roadmap for the year ahead.

Once you’ve decided on your activities, schedule them into your calendar so that you can hold yourself accountable for the plan you put together.